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Yvonne Albers
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24 May 2018
10:10 am

How to get your family on board with healthy eating

Yvonne Albers

Try getting your kids into the kitchen and involving them in the healthy cooking process.

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Eating healthily isn’t as hard as it sounds. And if you can get the whole family to eat healthily, you’re one step closer to happiness.

Here are 15 suggestions to help you out, courtesy of Healthy for Good:

1. Turn fruits and vegetables into fun meals – get creative when preparing them.

2. Always choose whole grain options, such as whole wheat bread for sandwiches.

3. Be a good role model by eating healthily yourself.

4. Choose fish, chicken and beans – great protein choices – remove all fat.

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5. Read nutrition labels and choose foods that provide nutrients like vitamins, minerals and dietary fibre.

6. Keep fruits and yoghurts on hands for healthy snacks.

7. Control those portions – make sure your kids eat enough but not too much.

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8. Enjoy fish high in omega-3 fatty acids, such as salmon, mackerel, trout and albacore tuna.

9. Stay away from salt avoid adding salt to meals, before or after cooking.

10. Package your own on-the-go healthy snacks such as nuts and seeds.

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11. Try to keep water on the dinner table as opposed to juices or sodas.

12. Introduce sparkling water, unsweetened tea or sugar-free beverages instead of sugar-sweetened soda or tea.

13. Instead of frying foods – which can add a lot of extra calories and unhealthy fats – grill, roast or bake.

14. Get your kids into the kitchen and involve them in the healthy cooking process.

15. Try a meatless meal each week such as a vegetarian pasta or a mushroom burger.

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