Adriaan Roets
3 minute read
21 Nov 2019
2:00 pm

5 South African cookbooks you need in your kitchen

Adriaan Roets

From polished summer dishes to bringing back the good old Cremora tart or a boerewors corn dog, these books have a range of tasty ideas.

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Food – the common denominator that brings humanity together. It’s also a very personal thing. We all carry family recipes in our hearts, or have fond memories tied to one dish. South African food stories are, however, incredibly diverse – a melting pot of ideas, flavours and styles. When it comes to our food, the Rainbow Nation moniker holds true. From Malay, European and African influences, South African food is diverse and incredibly varied. You just need to look at the cookbooks we have available to see how we’ve become united by what we eat. These are five of the...