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8 Oct 2021
4:12 pm

Here’s the list of recalled LiquiFruit products

Citizen Reporter

Similar to Appletiser, LiquiFruit products containing mycotoxin patulin have been recalled.

Liquidfruit has recalled several of its apple products. Picture: Instagram @Liqui-Fruit

After Appletiser recalled some of their products due to toxins found, LiquiFruit has followed suit.

The fruit juice brand, owned by Pioneer Foods, has alerted consumers that they are recalling some of their 100% apple juice products sold in South Africa, Botswana and Namibia, and Ceres brand in other jurisdictions, IOL reported.

The company said their investigation found that a limited number of their apple juice concentrate contained elevated levels of patulin.

Patulin is a mycotoxin, which is a toxic compounds that is naturally produced by certain types of mould. Patulin is mainly used in fruits and fruit juices across Europe and North America, according to ScienceDirect.

Patulin is a stabilising unit used in apple and grape juices, and it may have a potential threat to humans and livestock.

The side effects include nausea, gastrointestinal disturbances and vomiting.

Patulin is often found in rotting apples and apple products.

Patulin can also occur in various mouldy fruits, grains and other foods, the World Health Organization (WHO) said.

The LiquiFruit apple juice recall is based on the presence of patulin exceeding 50 parts per billion (microgram/kg), which is the regulatory threshold.

Just a week ago, Appletiser had similar findings in their products of patulins exceeding the “acceptable standards”.

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These are the LiquiFruit 100% Apple Juice products that are affected:

LiquiFruit Clear Apple 250ml carton

Single unit barcode: 60052599

Date coding: PD 11.06.2021 / BB 11.06.2022

LiquiFruit Clear Apple 330ml can

Single unit barcode: 6001240225561

Date coding: PD 07.06.2021 / BB 07.06.2022

PD 08.06.2021 / BB 08.06.2022

LiquiFruit Clear Apple 300ml can

Single unit barcode: 6001240239346

Date coding: PD 21.06.2021 / BB 21.06.2022

LiquiFruit Clear Apple 1L

Single unit barcode: 6001048000339

Date coding: PD 07.06.2021 / BB 07.06.2022

PD 08.06.2021 / BB 08.06.2022

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