Heineken’s® one of a kind beer gets one of a kind bottle

Heineken is also rolling out green zones in Johannesburg and Cape Town.

Heineken® beer, which has the same design in 190 countries worldwide, will break with tradition unveiling a bold new design for its new returnable bottle in South Africa, a change not made anywhere else in the world. The 650ml returnable bottle, dubbed the “Star Bottle” features the brand’s iconic star on its body with the Heineken name deep etched directly into the glass.

The new design is not only unique looking, it is the first returnable Heineken bottle to be sold on South African soil.

This move underscores the company’s continued ambition towards sustainability. In 2022 Heineken invested in a cutting-edge water reclamation facility and a state-of-the-art solar power plant with more than 14 000 panels for its Sedibeng brewery, achieving an energy generation capacity of 6.5 megawatts, reducing the brewery’s carbon emissions by approximately 30%.

Says Bhavna Mistry, Senior Brand Manager for Heineken®: “The new bottle is about more than only beautiful design, in 2023 29% of our beer portfolio was in returnable bottles. This decision will result in 65% of our total beer portfolio moving out of single-use glass in 2024.”

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Among its ambitions, the company aims to reach net zero carbon emissions across its value chain by 2040, which would position Heineken 10 years ahead of the 2050 Paris Climate Agreement target, making the company the first global brewer to commit to such an ambitious timeline.

“With the new bottle design, our customers will continue to savour the same great taste that has been a hallmark in premium settings for over 150 years,” adds Mistry.

Heineken® Green Zones

Alongside the new returnable bottle, the brand is pleased to announce the rollout of Heineken® Green Zones, a collaboration with The Greenpop Foundation.

The Heineken® Green Zones aim to promote sustainability-focused behaviours within communities, effectively creating open parks and meadows complemented by food gardens, and inspiring art installations. This investment in the Heineken Green Zones stands as one of the brand’s most significant community development projects in 2024. They will be implemented in Phillipi in Cape Town, as well as Eldorado Park and Lawley in Johannesburg. The company aims to complete five green zones in the first half of 2024 covering over 30 000 square metres of indigenous plants

“The Heineken® Green Zones represent an important partnership between the company and communities we serve. We’re going one step further than only clearing glass, we’re replacing that glass with fields of grass,” says Mistry.

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