Dr Dulcy Rakumakoe
2 minute read
28 Sep 2020
8:27 am

Should children get the flu vaccination in spring?

Dr Dulcy Rakumakoe

Wondering what's the difference between a muscle strain and a muscle tear? Dr Dulcy, our resident GP, answers your health questions.

Should children get the flu vaccination in spring? Picture: iStock

Dear doc Do you advise that I get my children flu vaccines even though its spring?

Good day, this is usually not flu season but it does not mean the risk is gone. If your children are ones to develop flu now and again, it is advisable that they get vaccinated. It is really not a bad idea if they did not vaccinate this year

How do you recognise the difference between a sprain and a muscle tear or pull?

The best person to diagnose will be either your medical doctor or a physiotherapist. It is difficult to differentiate, especially if the tear is not severe enough to cause limb dysfunction. If you have been injured, please contact your nearest health provider soonest.

What should a child who seems to have insect allergies carry in his school bag?

The thing is to carry an epinephrine injector at all times. I strongly advise that you please discuss this with your doctor so he or she can prescribe it and show the child how to use it, and when.

Ask the doctor SMS ‘HEALTH’ to 32212 with your question (cost is R1 per SMS) or e-mail questions to health@citizen.co.za

Dr Dulcy who holds an MBBCH degree from Wits University, a diploma in occupational health, a diploma in HIV management, travel medicine diploma, masters of science in sports medicine, and a masters in business administration degree from GIBS is here to help!

Dr Dulcy is a social entrepreneur with a passion for providing healthcare and wellness solutions for low and middle-income communities in South Africa. As the 2016 Social Entrepreneurship Regional Business Achiever award winner for Business Women’s Association, she started Accessible Quality Healthservices (AQH) in 2013 after being a general practitioner in Vryburg then Carletonville for 11 years.

In 2015, she partnered with Pascal Frohlicher and we founded U-Care Medical Centres which focused on building private medical centres and providing world-class health services at an affordable cost. This company evolved in 2019 to become quadcare, which is a network of medical centres in areas where they are needed the most providing access to affordable healthcare. Currently, the centres are in Edenvale, Fox Street Johannesburg, Meadowlands, Carletonville, University of Johannesburg, and Park Station.

Dr Dulcy said her life’s purpose was to make an impact on how healthcare was delivered in this country, especially to the poor.

*Always consult your GP paediatrician, gynaecologist or health-care provider for all health matters

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