South Africans experience higher levels of distress: Four tips to relieve tension

Self-celebration seems to be a thing for the month of February and one way to do that, is to get into the routine of looking after your general health and wellness.

The past two years’ unpredictability and uncertainty had South Africans’ stress levels shoot through the roof.

According to a Pharma Dynamics report, 56% of the people surveyed said they had experienced higher levels of distress.

While we can’t necessarily change our circumstances, it is within our reach to manage our reactions, no matter how difficult it might seem.

If you’d like to relieve tension and regain control in your life, here are four daily routines to consider exploring.

Clean living and healthy choices

In the long run, a healthy and balanced diet is something you should aspire to, to help your body cope with stress and its side effects.

A balanced diet helps to lower oxidation and inflammation, and it assists in weight loss, while also providing a stable and strong, long-lasting foundation for your body.

Sleep enough

This daily routine tip is something that cannot be stressed enough (excuse the pun). A good night’s sleep helps you deal with daily stresses more effectively.

When you’re tired, chances are that you lack patience and get upset more easily, which evidently leads to even more stress in your life.

The average adult needs about eight hours of sleep per night.

Sleep enough for health and wellness
Sleep enough to maintain your health and wellness. Image: Supplied

Look after your mental health

Mental health has been a buzzword for many months now, and it’s gained momentum once again this week, following the untimely and tragic death of former Miss USA, Cheslie Kryst.

In a time when human contact has been limited, many people’s mental health have taken a hard knock.

Talking about your feelings with someone you trust – whether it’s via Skype, Zoom or a phone call – might help you cope better in difficult situations and circumstances.

When things don’t go as planned, we often become overwhelmed. When things are too much for you to handle, don’t be afraid – or too proud – to ask for help.

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Not everyone is keen on experimenting with Cannabidiol (CBD), but it has been said to help relieve stress.

Although research on the matter is still in the early stages, CBD can reportedly alleviate symptoms that are often associated with stress. It may even help to improve sleep disturbances that are sometimes associated with stress.

Claims of CBD relieving stress have yet to be verified but it might be worth a shot if you are keen on trying alternative methods to lower your levels of tension.

These are all-natural and manageable daily routines to invest in this year if you are keen on maintaining, managing and protecting your health and wellness while navigating through the unpredictability of this thing we call life.

*This article has been updated following an analysis by AfricaCheck.

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