Logitech R500 laser remote makes presentations a walk in the park

The remote has Bluetooth on board, so it can pair up easily with your laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Let’s face it, presentations – business or otherwise – are not easy.

And nothing creates rapid blood flow to your face like standing in front of a packed auditorium and things don’t go as planned.

Now, add to that a long-forgotten era when all we had was that cumbersome and terribly inconvenient retractable metal pointer which, if you’re that old, you will recall became the highlight of presentations.

This was because the presentation turned into a fumbling clown act.

Thankfully, those low-tech days are a distant memory and presenters are now able to strut around on stage confident and seemingly hands-free, thanks to tech firms such as Logitech creating almost invisible-to-the-eye devices to help ease your way through presenting.

Among their contributions is their nifty little Logitech R500 laser pointer and remote, which only has three buttons: the main button to advance your slides, a smaller lower button to go back and the top button which activates the laser pointer – all of which allows you to control your presentation without having to look down at your pointer.

The awesome thing about the R500 is that it has Bluetooth on board, so it can pair up easily with your laptop, tablet or smartphone and boasts a range to up to 20m from your smart devices.

Also one of the most affordable laser pointers in this category, the Logitech R500 Laser Presentation Remote makes nailing your presentation a breeze.

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