MTN achieves record 98% network availability in Mpumalanga

As the modernisation drive kicks into high gear, MTN South Africa is reaching remarkable milestones.

In its continued drive towards connectivity, MTN South Africa has achieved an unprecedented 98% network availability in Mpumalanga. This significant milestone reflects MTN’s commitment to modernisation, catapulting communities into a thriving digital era.

More South Africans can access the connected world through MTN’s nationwide modernisation program. In Mpumalanga, network sites with enhanced resilience now boast a remarkable 98.33% daily network availability, showcasing the rapid progress of MTN’s modernisation efforts.

The impact on local communities is profound. Previously unconnected areas, like rural sites in remote villages such as Mooiplaas in the Lowveld, are now seamlessly integrated into MTN’s robust network infrastructure. This connectivity revolution unlocks many digital opportunities—from online banking and education to staying informed with news and enjoying entertainment.

MTN’s vision extends beyond mere connectivity. With a goal to achieve 95% broadband coverage by 2025, MTN is actively building new sites and enhancing existing ones in Mpumalanga. Isaac Monama, Acting Regional General Manager at MTN SA, emphasises the strategic focus on enhancing network resilience, particularly during challenging periods like load shedding and power outages.

The recent completion of the 2024 resilience plan underscores MTN’s commitment to operational continuity. The rollout in Mpumalanga has led to improved network throughput and availability, reduced drop call rates, and increased data volumes. Monama highlights substantial improvements in network availability and speed across key towns like Nelspruit and Emalahleni, where 4G download speeds now average 12Mbps despite increased data usage.

MTN’s technological prowess is evident in its deployment of 5G sites, with plans to add more in 2024. This forward-looking approach ensures that Mpumalanga remains at the forefront of digital innovation. Moreover, 4G population coverage is exceptionally high at 99.41%, promising fast and reliable connectivity for users across the province.

MTN’s dedication to excellence is validated by independent assessments, where MTN has consistently surpassed industry benchmarks. As Monama aptly concludes, technology has the power to transform lives and drive economic growth. MTN’s relentless pursuit of connectivity is not just about networks; it’s about empowering communities and creating opportunities. In Mpumalanga, MTN’s network resilience serves as a beacon of progress, illuminating pathways to a brighter digital future for all.

While challenges like theft and vandalism at sites persist, MTN remains committed to combatting these issues with collective efforts and community support. Monama stresses the importance of vigilance and proactive reporting to ensure uninterrupted connectivity.

Criminals have continued to use the cover of darkness during outages as an opportunity to strike, but our fightback, with the support of our communities, has been strong. We ask that you continue to support us in this drive by being vigilant and reporting any suspicious activity by calling 083 123 7867 or emailing We are stronger together!




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