Large parts of Middelburg to suffer water interruptions

A pipe burst that has turned Verdoorn Street into a river will be affecting water supply to large parts of Middelburg.

According to DA Ward Councillor, Deon van der Merwe, the Department of Water and Sanitation was already at the site and had isolated the burst by 07:30.

“The municipality has closed off water supply to the affected line but it takes at least an hour for water to stop flowing after the tap is closed, which explains the high volumes of water running down the street.”

Cllr. Van der Merwe also notified residents that the following areas will be affected by the pipe bursts:
Ext. 18, Ext. 7, Mineralia, Groenkol, Aerorand, Middelburg CBD and surrounding areas.

Aerorand residents who already suffered water interruptions due to pipe bursts over the weekend will once again be affected by the current pipe burst. Another pipe burst in Duiwelspiek Street was also reported this morning.

Cllr. Van der Merwe says the Director of Water and Sanitation issued an estimated restoration time of eight hours.

“I would like to remind residents that the eight hour estimate is how long it will take to repair the pipe and not an indication of when water will return. Should it take eight hours to restore the burst, it will take another estimated three hours for water supply to be turned on and pressure build-up to take place. Residents are advised that large parts of Middelburg may possibly sit without water for much longer than the estimated restoration time.”

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