Meet South Africa’s next top author

Step aside JK Rowling and Roald Dahl, the next great children’s book author has arrived on the scene!

Meet Chane Ludik, a 14-year-old writer and dog enthusiast, who has just self-published her first children’s book on Amazon, titled The Adventures of Amy and Bo.

Chane collaborated with local illustrator and Middelburg Hoërskool student Vicci Smith to create the wonderful world that will take readers on a globe-trotting journey.

The Adventures of Amy and Bo will inspire and educate children and adults alike. Accompany Amy and Bo as their adventure leads them to the enthralling customs of Japan, the alluring scenery of Colombia, the blazing outback of Australia, the freezing terrain of Antarctica and, of course, the multicultural beauty of South Africa.

Experience diverse cultures and traditions that have been meticulously researched and presented in an easy and comprehensible format.

The front cover of The Adventures of Amy and Bo.

Chane was inspired to share her creativity with the world because of her dogs. She told the Middelburg Observer, “There is a unique bond that people form with their canine companions, I felt that bond would easily be translated in building the relationship between Amy and Bo. I used the love I have for my dog to create the dynamic found in the book.”

Chane is a modern author with modern sensibilities, offering a fresh new perspective. This is evident by her partnership with her illustrator, “Vicci and I have never met before, my mother simply found her on Facebook and contacted her. We spoke via Facebook Messenger. I would send her the idea for the page, and she would send the sketch for approval. It was simple and easy, she did a great job!”

Chane worked tirelessly for over a year, and now the book is available digitally and physically, with a Kindle option.
“I would like to thank my family for their love and support, without them, this wouldn’t be possible,” Chane stated.

If you would like to support up-and-coming local artists or just buy a perfect bedtime story for your children, follow the link to purchase your copy of The Adventures of Amy and Bo:

For more information on Vicci’s story, purchase this week’s issue of the Middelburg Observer.

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