Martin Mahlako stoned to death

A very well known ex-policeman Mr Martin "Mlahla" Mahlako, known for his fight against card fraud and other crimes was brutally killed by the Jane Furse community on Friday 21 November because he was accused of being an ATM thief.

He died at the Polokwane hospital on Saturday 22 November.

Mr Mahlako worked at the Mhluzi police station for many years and later became an investigating officer for Vusela Risk Services.

He and three co-workers were busy with an operation in Jane Furse on Friday at ATM’s, when an unknown person spread a false rumour to the community that they were ATM thieves.

The community member’s and taxi drivers then brutally attacked them with stones and physically assaulted them. One of the co-workers managed to escape.

Mr Mahlako’s car was vandalized, his cellphones and Identity Document was stolen out of his car.

“We believe he was targeted,” said Marlyn Matlala, aunt of the deceased.

They where rushed to the Polokwane hospital.

He left Tembisa last week Tuesday for Polokwane where he was based since early this year as an investigation officer.

The family was phoned on Saturday to inform them about the tragedy.

“I was shocked and couldn’t believe when I was told my brother was killed,” said Gugu Mahlangu, the deceased sister.

“We knew he had a dangerous job but his death came to soon,” said Mrs Marlyn Matlala.

“We just buried his father a week ago,” she added.

He will be remembered by his family as a man of discipline and direction, full of jokes and dedicated to his job.

He leaves behind three children and a grandchild.

Mr Mahlako will be buried in Mhluzi, Tokologo cemetary, on Saturday.

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