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City to introduce water restriction tarriff

JOBURG – City of Joburg throws water restriction tariff to encourage responsible water usage.


The City of Johannesburg is following the route of other Gauteng municipalities who have already implemented water restrictions. Spokesperson of the City, Stan Maphologela has confirmed that the City will be putting measures in place to curb excessive water usage in an attempt to ensure that all South Africans use water sparingly.

“As per the announcement for water restrictions declared countrywide in November 2015, the City of Johannesburg taking into consideration that South Africa is a water-scarce country and the persisting lower-than-normal rainfall since the beginning of last year, will apply water restriction tariffs to domestic customers as of 1st of August 2016,” Maphologela explained.

He added that this was the City’s way of stepping up its efforts to curb high water usage and enforce a culture of responsible usage. “The threat of water supply is increasingly becoming a real issue to all South Africans, particularly in our country where water is a scarce resource.

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“With the continuing high water usage, we have to find ways to introduce measures to control consumption.”

The City is urging its customers to reduce their water use to avoid level two restrictions, whereby the City will apply a water restriction tariff to those who have higher water usage.

The level two water restrictions, according to Section 44 (3) of the Water Services Bylaw, states that all consumers are immediately compelled:

  • Not to water and irrigate their gardens between 6am and 6pm every day
  • Not to fill swimming pools with municipal water
  • Not to use hosepipes to wash cars, paved areas etc.

Maphologela said in the event where a level two water restriction is implemented, the City will apply a water restriction tariff on the upward scale starting with those using more than 20 kilolitres, up to those using more than 40 kilolitres per month, with the cost increasing as the usage increases. According to Maphologela, an average household water usage is around 30 kilolitres per month.

“The message is that those who use more water, would pay more, therefore, we urge customers to exercise water saving tips.”

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Maphologela said those customers who consume less and practice water saving won’t be affected, as every household also qualifies for six kilolitres of free water per month which will be taken into account for all domestic customers.

Consumers using between 20 and 30 kilolitres of water will experience a 10 percent tariff increase, while those using between 30 and 40 kilolitres will have a 20 percent increase and those who consume more than 40 kilolitres will have a staggering 30 percent tariff increase.

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