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Motorists littering the environment

JOHANNESBURG – Ritzy car owner littered under my watch.

Frustrated motorist writes:

I just wanted to say how amazed I am at how many people driving really fancy cars throw rubbish out their car windows – it’s unbelievable!

So the often stated opinion that so many people in our country are filthy is because they are uneducated is a lot of hogwash because those who have clearly ‘made it’ are just as disgusting! Two recent examples: I was driving down Main Road the other day and a very smart, shiny, bright white Range Rover pulled over to the side, opened his passenger window and flung a pile of garbage out onto the road.

Unfortunately, I was driving to the right of him and I had cars coming up behind me so I wasn’t able to stop and get his number plate. But I did manage to get another dude’s number plate – he was driving out of Kyalami Business Park, put down his window and chucked out the cup he was drinking from!

I hooted to let him know I had seen what he did but he was absolutely unperturbed and merrily went on his way.

Cleanliness is basic – come on, guys – use the bins for goodness sake! We’re a ‘rat plague’ waiting to happen!

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