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Local Women Power and Development Projects receives praises for stellar work

Former victim empowerment centre counsellor believes the Kaboentle Women Power and Development Project is fighting the scourge of GBV head-on.

“In the face of rising rates of gender-based violence and the profound impact it has on individuals and families, Kaboentle Women Power and Development Project has emerged as a ray of light.”

These were the words of Monica Moagi who is the CEO and founder of the women project in Midrand.

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Moagi said the project is committed to empowering individuals, though skills development, promote community well-being and nurturing environmental sustainability through conversations and education.

“Kaboentle is a non-profit organisation that is making a profound difference in the lives of survivors of gender-based violence (GBV) in our community. Through our innovative programmes and dedicated team of volunteers, we provide survivors with access to workshops, counselling, and practical assistance to help them rebuild their lives with dignity and resilience,” said Moagi.

Moagi added that beyond offering immediate support services, they prioritise long-term solutions by equipping survivors with the tools and skills they need to break free from cycles of violence and thrive independently.

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“Furthermore, we play a crucial role in raising awareness about GBV and advocating for systemic change through community outreach initiatives, educational campaigns, and partnerships with local stakeholders. We strive to challenge harmful norms and promote a culture of respect, equality, and non-violence,” she added.

Noordwyk’s Ruby Kanavathy said the impact of Kaboentle Women Power and Development Project extends far beyond the individuals they directly serve.
She said this was because they address the root causes of GBV and promote gender equality.

“They contribute to building a safer, more inclusive society for all. Their work is not just about addressing the symptoms of GBV but about creating a world where such violence is unthinkable. I believe that the project’s remarkable efforts and achievements deserve to be highlighted because their story is one of resilience, compassion, and hope,” said Kanavathy.

Kanavathy, former victim empowerment counsellor, concluded that she was confident that going forward, the project will spark meaningful conversations about how they can collectively work towards ending GBV in the communities they live in.

Details: Monica Moagi 071 259 0338.

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