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Lives transformed in Rabie Ridge through the Truth and Hope Foundation

The Trust and Hope Foundation, led by Sydwell Ramakokovhu, has been a transformative force in Rabie Ridge by focusing on sports, arts, and cultural development.

Sydwell Ramakokovhu is a well-known person in Rabie Ridge. He started the Truth and Hope Foundation in 2010, but only officially registered it on September 27, 2013. His goal is to help children in his community through sports, arts, and culture. He is passionate about education and puts that at the forefront of his foundation.

Ramakokovhu grew up facing many challenges. He wanted to make sure that the next generation had more opportunities than he did. This inspired him to start the Truth and Hope Foundation. He wants to give children a chance to learn and grow in a positive environment.

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Coach Dumisani warms up with his players.
Coach Dumisani warms up with his players.

The foundation is run from his house. He gets funding from various organisations and generous donations. He focuses on helping children through different clubs. They have golf, soccer, tennis, and swimming clubs. These clubs help kids stay active and learn important skills like teamwork and discipline.

His work has made a big impact on the community. Many children have benefited from the foundation’s programmes. The sports clubs keep children engaged and help them avoid negative influences.

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Zinhle Moyo, a learner from Dr Mathole Motshekga Primary School, who is a beneficiary of the foundation, said she joined the foundation because it allowed her to play tennis which has taught her communication and teamwork and has boosted her self-confidence.

Ramakokovhu has big dreams for the future. He wants every child in Rabie Ridge to have the chance to reach their full potential. The foundation is not just about sports or arts, it’s about building a confident and capable generation.

Warriors of Tembisa FC.
Warriors of Tembisa FC.

His dedication to the Truth and Hope Foundation shows how one person can make a big difference. Through his hard work, he is creating a brighter future for the children of Rabie Ridge.

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