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Jabulani Hlathi returns to the TV screen with tons of projects in line

While conquering the television screens, Hlathi's creative endeavours extend to the realms of music and fashion.

Jabulani ‘JBee Forest’ Hlathi, the versatile actor known for his captivating presence on the big screens, is gearing up for a triumphant return to television.

After leaving fans longing for more following his appearance in Gomora, Hlathi’s anticipation is reaching its peak as he immerses himself in not just one, but a series of thrilling projects that will showcase his unparalleled talent and charisma.

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Debuting in the South African television drama series, House of Zwide, Hlathi’s presence is guaranteed to breathe vitality into the screen this June.

“Expect an intriguing storyline and a mesmerising performance that will leave audiences spellbound,” he explained.

Local jack of all trades Jabulani JBee Forest Hlathi returns to television.
Local jack of all trades Jabulani JBee Forest Hlathi returns to television.

Simultaneously, Hlathi is deeply engaged in the filming of My Brother’s Keeper, where he takes on the pivotal role of a new doctor.

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“With a bold dedication to my craft, I am thrilled to be back on set, delving into not just one, two, but three television shows that promise to captivate audiences across South Africa. With a heart full of gratitude, I also express my joy at working with talented actors and visionary directors once again.”

Beyond acting, Hlathi extends his creative prowess as the executive producer and host of My Celebrity Crush. This ground-breaking show promises to forge connections between fans and their celebrity idols, creating incredible moments of unity and inspiration.

While conquering the television screens, Hlathi’s creative pursuits extend to the realms of music and fashion. His music career and clothing brand, The Forest, are flourishing, with a new winter collection earning praise from supporters.

The Waterfall-based jack of all trades expresses his gratitude to his dedicated followers and supporters, he acknowledges them not just as fans, but as an integral part of his extended family.

“With a promising Vumbuluki music video on the horizon and a year filled with blessings, I think I stand poised for a remarkable journey ahead.”

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