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Networking workshop delivers key insights at Govinda’s Midrand

Entrepreneurs from all around Midrand gathered at a networking meeting at Govindas Midrand to share insights and strategies on how to grow their business.

A networking business meeting took place at Govinda’s Midrand bringing together local entrepreneurs and business professionals.
The event kicked off with a warm welcome from MC Vinash Maharaj who introduced the main speaker Dr Ravin Singh.

Singh began his talk with a small prayer, setting a reflective tone. He then addressed the audience about the spiritual perspective on wealth. He explained how money was aligned with Krishna, and emphasised the importance of serving Krishna rather than merely accumulating wealth.

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Each attendee was given 30 seconds to provide a brief overview of their business. This segment allowed participants to introduce themselves and share their professional backgrounds.

Following these introductions, there was a question and answer session where attendees could ask questions and engage in deeper discussions about Singh’s insights and the various businesses represented.

Ravin Govind, a small business owner, said he attended these meetings because the information and skills he gained from them were invaluable.

This unique setup allowed for various business ventures, from tech startups to crafts, to be showcased and discussed.

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The event concluded with a networking session accompanied by snacks and drinks. Attendees had the opportunity to connect, exchange ideas, and build valuable business relationships. The event was a success, fostering both professional growth and community spirit.

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