Charl Bosch
Online Motoring Reporter
5 minute read
19 Mar 2020
9:36 am

Range-topping Mazda CX-5 whooshes the right tunes

Charl Bosch

Kodo design language and overall execution can simply be described as stunning.

The proverbial ‘‘rising from the ashes like a Phoenix’’ saying has in recent years not been implied more accurately than in the automotive industry where brands, seemingly out for the count, have made some truly astonishing comebacks. Although it would be a touch too far to describe Mazda as having stared down the bottom of the barrel in its 41 years of Ford ownership, Hiroshima’s divorce from the Blue Oval five years ago has been nothing short of astounding as the fortuitous rate of “moving on” simply showed no drawbacks. With an impressive end to the last year of the...