Mark Jones
Road Test Editor
3 minute read
2 Sep 2020
7:18 am

Mastering manual shifting made easy in the Ford Figo Freestyle

Mark Jones

Ford’s trendy hatchback takes the sting out of learning how to operate the clutch.

The Ford Figo Freestyle is economical and easy to drive.

My youngest daughter, Courtney, is somewhat of a petrolhead. I mean why wouldn't she be? She has grown up in a household surrounded by all sorts of motorised machinery, from the fast to the ridiculous. And when I say petrolhead, I mean she actually likes to drive and wants to understand the way a car works and reacts on the road and the track. Ironically, her older sister, Bronwyn, couldn't be bothered with the details; she just wants a car that looks good. And as a result, she only got her herself an "automatic" license, because driving a manual car...