Charl Bosch
Online Motoring Reporter
6 minute read
30 Jun 2021
9:39 am

New Honda Fit plays right tune as Jazz replacement

Charl Bosch

Name change the result of Honda viewing the Fit as a step-up from the Jazz.

Fit's styling an evolution over that of the Jazz. Executive model pictured.

It would be fair to say rather than assume that Honda has been experiencing a tough last few years on local shores. A quick glimpse at the monthly NAAMSA sales figures paints the rather gloomy picture with the reasons for the marque’s worryingly rapid decline being open to speculation from not only the media but also current owners. The marque is not giving up though and with the unveiling of the long awaited all-new Jazz in Cape Town last week, it also deemed it, uhmm… fit to introduce one of its most popular and highly regarded models under a new...