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Shocking behaviour by truck driver upsets motorists

Complaint directed to Pick 'n Pay about their driver is ignored

Motorists at a stop-and-go point near the Swartfontein turn-off on the R40 were shocked by the appalling behaviour of a Pick n Pay truck driver on Friday, January 17.

At 11:09 several motorists were waiting at the control point on the road between Hazyview and White River when the driver stepped out of his vehicle and relieved himself in full view of everyone. Drivers hooted and indicated that he should stop at which point he turned around, looked at them and merely continued.

At that time on a Friday, motorists usually include parents returning to Hazyview after collecting their children from boarding schools in Nelspruit and White River. These photos were sent to the newspaper along with complaints from the public.

Pick n Pay was contacted for comment. The photos clearly show the truck’s registration number which would make it easy for the company to trace who the driver was.

Hazyview Herald was given the run around by various staff members as they refused to give the paper any management contact numbers.The paper was informed that the only way its query would receive attention was if it sent an email to customer care. An email was then sent.

Furthermore this newspaper was instructed to report this matter to Mr D. Moodley of the KwaZulu-Natal (KZN) region. Moodley was contacted and he stated that it did not fall under his jurisdiction but that an email could be directed to him and he would send it to the relevant person. Once again the newspaper was not provided with either the name or contact number of this “relevant” person.

To date, no response has yet been received even after another email was sent to Pick ‘n Pay on Monday, January 27.

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