Five top-to-toe grooming habits all men should adopt

Male grooming - it’s a topic many South African men still shy away from as they feel it is not 'manly'.

Now, we’re not saying you need to go from being a caveman to having weekly manis and seaweed facials on the regular – you might just want to start spending ten minutes in the morning on your hair and skin to make sure you look good, which in turn will make you feel good – guaranteed.

We’ve got some tips from Playboy to help you get into all the right grooming habits with these five steps:

  1. Face: A splash of water and maybe a quick lather of body wash is not going to cut it when it comes to sexy skin. Look for specific face products that will cover these three steps: cleansing; exfoliating and moisturising. PS: Don’t forget to keep hydrated – regular H2O does wonders for your skin.
  2. Beard: A scraggly, unkept beard immediately makes you look aged and poorly groomed, which is also a major turn off if you are trying to up your dating game. You want to aim for a finely shaped, luscious beard that women are going to admire and men are going to envy. Perfecting facial hair does require some time and effort…and proper products (if nothing else, invest in a good beard oil!) When tending to your beard, avoid hapless trimming and make sure to keep it clean. You want your beard to match your face shape and you want to keep the hair smooth and controlled with either a beard balm or beard oil.

  3. Teeth: Looking after your pearly whites is a lifetime investment you need to commit to. Nothing is more off putting than bad breath or poor dental hygiene. Simply flossing your teeth after every brush can make them look brighter as it removes plaque and excess food particles that you may not see in the mirror.
  4. Hands and Feet: Now don’t worry, we are not dragging you to a salon for a mani and pedi just yet, but we are saying that you need to keep an eye on your hands and feet, as these are two overworked and overexposed body parts that are often neglected. Chipped nails, overgrown cuticles and rough, callus hands and feet need to be sorted out – and it really doesn’t require much effort. Use a good quality nail brush to clean them daily, keep your nails trimmed and well-shaped (don’t forget the cuticles) and be sure to apply cream to your hands and feet to keep them moisturised.
  5. Smell: Wrap it all up with a signature scent (or two). Wearing a fragrance will enhance your newfound confidence and it also influences how other people feel about you, and in turn, remember you by – and it shouldn’t be bad BO. Think night-time with Playboy VIP New York Cologne Spray; spicy, edgy and on-trend.

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