Luxury has never been more secure

Technology does sometimes allow you to have your cake and eat it. The armoured package on this Jaguar offers such a rare opportunity.

The first in the world, and proudly South African, armoured Jaguar I-Pace has been delivered to its South African owner.

“This project presented a great opportunity to challenge ourselves and expand our capabilities. We immediately involved the technical team at Jaguar Land Rover South Africa to assist and they were fantastic in helping us understand the intricacies of this electric vehicle. We are proud to say we built this car to our high standard despite the challenges and left the base vehicle very much unchanged,” said the managing director of Armormax, Grant Anderson.

The modifications include ballistic glass for the windows, .44 calibre synthetic armour on the doors, run flat tyres and a PTT intercom system which allows for external communication.

The added weight is only 200kg. The conversion is Jaguar OEM approved and leaves no visuals that will alert the untrained eye as to its presence as everything is custom designed and fitted.

Source: MotorPress

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