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19 Dec 2018
3:27 pm

Gift ideas for colleagues


It’s that time of the year when almost everyone expects a gift. From friends and family to ... colleagues. After all, 'tis the season of giving.

If your company is hosting a ‘Secret Santa’ year-end party and you haven’t worked closely with the person for whom you have to buy a gift, things can get tricky. What is their favourite colour? Should the pressie be gender-neutral? Are they a DIY kind of person? The list is endless…

Whatever your concerns, there could be more important things to worry about – such as whether you should save money on your car insurance. By changing to more affordable, comprehensive insurance, you can make sure you can afford to buy that nifty gift!

Mug warmer


Just about everyone in the office starts the day with a warm cup of something. This habit may be so entrenched that you sometimes ask yourself whether the staff would expire without a cup of coffee or tea?” – and they’re like “No. But you might.” Well then that settles it! Buy them a coffee warmer to keep their cup of java warmer for longer – they’ll surely appreciate it!

Movie ticket


This is a cool way to say, “Stop working so hard – you need a breath of fresh air – so go out and unwind for a bit.” Yes, they may be able to afford their own movie tickets, but if they’re so busy that they have forgotten what the inside of a cinema looks like, this might just give them the push they need to go out and have fun!




A notebook or a journal


For the person in the office that’s always scribbling. Yes, in this day and age where we can access Siri or Microsoft Word at the touch of a button, some people still choose pen and paper. Many notebooks have quirky tags, and come in a variety of cool colours, so you really don’t need to worry about it being boring. For a scribe, this may just be the best gift ever.

Prickly cactus organiser


You can’t get more organised than this! This adds a bit of pizzazz to an office desk. Forget about notes strewn all over the place – this cactus organiser takes sticky notes to a whole new level. And best of all – the cork cactus requires no maintenance or water. Oh Sarah, you wanted a pot plant? Well, company policy prohibits it, so the cactus organiser should come pretty close.

This season, make sure you give your colleague something they’ll put to good use. But once you’ve made them happy, more importantly, keep the company covered by making sure you have affordable business insurance.

Should your company close for business over the holidays, you’ll have the peace of mind that MiWay’s insurance will take cover you in the unfortunate event of a calamity. So, buy that gift – and apply for an insurance quote today to make sure you Live Your Way.

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