Charles Cilliers
1 minute read
20 Aug 2021
7:13 pm

WATCH: Gqeberha man’s X5 reverses over him on its own

Charles Cilliers

An error with the vehicle's automatic gear lever led to panic and pain for a driver earlier this year.

Picture: Facebook screenshot

In CCTV footage shared on Friday afternoon by Patriotic Alliance councillor in Gqeberha Marlon Daniels, a man can be seen driving into a petrol station and exiting his X5 SUV before things start to go totally wrong.

He appears to put his vehicle into reverse instead of park, so after exiting the car, it begins to move backwards of its own accord.

He tries to stop it and get back inside, but gets knocked over and the car’s right front wheel appears to travel over him.

An X5 weighs more than two tons.

Daniels identified the location and wanted to know if the man had emerged intact.

People on Daniels’ Facebook timeline told him they were aware of the incident, which had happened earlier this year in May, and that the gentleman in question was apparently all right and had recovered.

Take a look at the footage, but be aware it may upset sensitive viewers.