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9 Jun 2022
1:56 pm

WATCH: Nine times Julius Malema owned TikTok

Narissa Subramoney

EFF leader Julius Malema is set to face off against President Cyril Ramaphosa today, and soundbites of his previous battles have become the stuff of internet legend.

Julius Malema at the EFF's rally at the Sekhukhune Sports ground at Winnie Mandela informal settlement in Tembisa | Picture: Twitter @effsouthafrica

The verdict is still out on just how well-loved or hated Economic Freedom Fighters Commander-in-Chief Julius Malema really is in South Africa, but on the streets of TikTok, Malema reigns supreme.

The Limpopo-born politician is well known for shaking up parliament.

His unique, often comical and sarcastic roasting of the ANC-led government has provided a wealth of content for TikTok creators.

Most content creators use Malema’s sound bytes to generate entertaining responses to common relationship, dating, and life situations.

Any journalist worth their salt will confirm that Malema’s soundbites are indeed newsroom gold, with the potential to flip a boring run-of-the-mill story on its head.

Now TikTok users are quickly learning that doing video parodies of one of South Africa’s most popular politicians will get you far on the app.

Here are nine times Julius Malema’s comic relief dominated on TikTok.

1) Just add something

During a press conference in 2019, Malema told ‘lazy EFF leaders’ they needed to add value to the party or be prepared to be shipped out. But 100’s of content creators also used the sound to address one-sided relationships in love and the office.

@fillincia #ha.ah #addvalue #foryou #tiktokerバトル #tiktoksa ♬ original sound – MAGABOKE ????
@marley_marlz18 Send this to your boss, thank me later???????? #boss#work#december#comedy#fyp#foryou ♬ original sound – MAGABOKE ????

2) Kiss the Boer

During his hate speech trial, Malema had the courtroom in stitches when he had to explain what ‘Kiss the boer‘ means.

It didn’t take long for hundreds of kissing videos to surface on TikTok after that infamous ‘mwah’, but interracial couples also took advantage of the hype to share some mixed relationship love.

@eesafunda It’s the boere sunglasses for me ???? ngathi andiboni ???????????? malema yilegend ???????? #malema ♬ original sound – Nhlaka_Shimz
@cfsecurity #mzansitiktok #kiss #comedy #???????????? #marriagelife #???????????????? #???????? #???? ♬ original sound – Nhlaka_Shimz
@mukaylisiwe Kiss the boer ???? #kwaturner #foryou #fypシ #kisstheboer #malema ♬ original sound – Wynand Steyn

3) On top, doing nothing

During his response to this year’s state of the nation address, Malema said SA had gone from bad to worse under Ramaphosa’s leadership.

@whatmattersinpolitics Mr President you’re doing nothing. #EFF #JuliusMalema #President #Politics #WhatMattersInPolitics #Nothing ♬ original sound – Citizen

Malema may not have envisioned how those words would be interpreted after uttering them, but a large chunk of that response to the state of the nation address provided a host of sexually-charged spin-off videos for months thereafter.

@wesleylots when she asks for Round 2 #DoingNothing #Foryoupage #juliusmalema #tiktokmalawi ♬ original sound – tt
@botsem #juliusmalema #sona #secondchance #ontop #man #doingnothing #fypシ ♬ original sound – tt

4) I am in charge

As he often does, Malema plunged a National Assembly sitting into chaos after telling delegates he was in charge and called everyone ‘fools, running around.’

@mabhenguu #malema #EFF #juliusmalema #saparliament ♬ original sound – Mabhenguu

♬ original sound – Mabhenguu

This TikTok content creator masterfully adapted this sound for some comedic relief using Russian President Vladimir Putin and the historical fuel price hikes.


He’s in charge

♬ original sound – Hlapogadi A Malope

5) We are single and not looking

In a time where self-preservation outranks the need to be in a relationship, singletons all over the world are quickly realising how empowering their solitude can be in the greater scheme of things.

If Malema never realises his own dream to one day lead the country, he has the potential to become a powerful motivational speaker if this sound byte is anything to go by.

@setjhaba_r #fyp #mzansicomedy #viral ♬ original sound – Cumani Matiwane
@ms.nthaby_m #fyp #single #malema#juju ♬ original sound – Cumani Matiwane

6) Nothing honourable about him

Then there was the time that Malema refused to call Parliament’s Portfolio Committee on Labour and Home Affairs during the Fifth Parliament (2014 – 2019) chairperson Buoang Lemias Mashile, ‘honourable’.

@makibinyanesuarez #fyp #fypシ #fypage #fypシ゚viral #fypdongggggggg #saparliament #juliusmalema #funny #funnyvideos #comedy #comedyvideo ♬ original sound – RainMaker
@lefu088 #fypシ #picknpayfboys #eff#mzansicomedy #malemanipulator fyp #???????????????????????????????????????? #fyp ♬ original sound – RainMaker

7) Alcohol is bad – drink water

One of the CIC’s more serious messages on alcohol abuse quickly brought on hundreds of spoof videos on the dangers drinking liquor can pose.


♬ original sound – Khutso Mametja

♬ original sound – Khutso Mametja

8) Just stay home – you’re going to embarrass us

Last year, when the president was heading to the G7 summit Malema took a stinging swipe at Ramaphosa telling him to clean his own backyard.

@whalebrilo #juliusmalema #malema #funny #mzansi #polotics #ramaphosa #ANC #effect #southafrica #secret #fypシ #fypツ #bhfyp #viral_video #southafricancomedy #lol ♬ original sound – Whale Brilo
@mayenziii #JuliusMalema ♬ original sound – Whale Brilo

9) That time he said Patrice Motsepe wasn’t a billionaire

While testifying during his hate speech trial, Malema said billionaire Patrice Motsepe’s billions might be imaginary.

@mr_t9402 Shem!! ????????#Eff #afriforum #malema ♬ original sound – Luadlon Terblanche

It didn’t take long for women on TikTok to use this very sound to call out not-so-rich self-proclaimed sugar daddies.

@wesleer #fyp #foryou #foryoupge #viral #xitsongatiktok ♬ original sound – Luadlon Terblanche

Malema and Ramaphosa are set to face each other again in the National Assembly on Thursday (9 June) for the president’s budget speech.

Malema has promised to bring chaos to parliament proceedings over reports that Ramaphosa was complicit in covering up a $4 million robbery at his Phala Phala Widlife farm.

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