Tyre, Equipment, Parts Association launches waste tyre collector registration initiative

Tepa will collaborate with tyre trading members to register waste tyre collectors, promoting responsible recycling practices for a greener future.

Vishal Premlall, the national director of the Tyre, Equipment, Parts Association (Tepa), under the Retail Motor Industry Organisation, emphasises the significance of registering waste tyre collectors. This initiative aims to streamline tyre collections and enhance recycling efforts, crucial for environmental preservation.

The Waste Tyre Bureau, overseen by the Department of Forestry, Fisheries and the Environment, manages waste tyre collection in South Africa. Proper disposal and recycling of tyres are essential to prevent environmental degradation.

Premlall highlights the environmental benefits of tyre recycling, echoing Minister Barbara Creecy’s call for industry feedback on waste tyre management plans. Neglecting proper disposal poses severe risks, including fire hazards, soil and water contamination and public health concerns.


Vishal Premlall. 

Despite government interventions, vast quantities of waste tyres remain unaddressed, posing long-term environmental threats. Responsible traders must ensure compliance with registration requirements and proper waste disposal protocols.

Consumers can contribute by patronising registered tyre dealers and reporting illegal dumping. Premlall urges consumers to dispose of old tyres responsibly and seek guidance from registered Tepa dealers when in doubt.

Mitigating the environmental impact of waste tyres demands collective action. Governments, businesses, communities and individuals must collaborate to adopt sustainable practices and safeguard the environment for future generations. Premlall concludes with a call to action, emphasising everyone’s role in environmental stewardship.

Source: Cathy Findley PR


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