The Best Smart Home Security Systems of 2020

Smart home security systems you should consider installing in 2021.

Technology exists to make our lives easier, and as it progresses, it becomes further intertwined with our daily lives, arguably making us further dependent on it. Smart homes — homes that are equipped with technological devices that function remotely — are a rising modern trend, proving just how connected humans have become to technology. Smart home security systems are security measures that are technology-centric and easy to control, allowing homeowners to protect their property adequately, even when they’re not around.

Here are some of the best smart home security systems of 2020, courtesy of Private Property:

1. Google Smart Home Ecosystem

Google Home is a smart speaker. This voice-activated virtual assistant falls under the Google Nest brand. Through voice commands, users can prompt Google Home to play songs or to control certain technological devices in the home if Google Home is connected to a wider ecosystem.

Google Home can be connected to a smart home’s security devices, such as lights, locks, alarms, surveillance systems, and many more. You can control all of these devices through voice command, also known as Google Assistant.

There are two types of Google Assistant devices: ones that come with the Google Assistant feature installed, and those that don’t come integrated with Google Assistant but can be controlled through third-party devices such as smartphones. These devices include a smart alarm system, speakers, watches, lights, Chromebooks, and TVs.

2. Alexa Wireless Home Security System


Amazon has a myriad of Echo speakers that can be connected to a smart home security system. Amazon’s Echo speakers feature a virtual assistant named Alexa.

There are two types of Alexa devices; those that are built-in with Alexa and those that work with Alexa despite not having it built-in. Devices like the latter are marked with a ‘works with Alexa’ label and are controlled through a third-party Alexa device, which is quite important if you want to integrate all your devices with Alexa. For example, you can buy Amazon’s Echo Show device, a smart display device, and review your CCTV footage on the device, from any location.

There is a safety feature offered by Amazon Echo that is known as Alexa Guard. This feature helps protect your home when you aren’t there by detecting any sounds that single a home intrusion, such as breaking glass or a door opening while you’re not there. It also detects security alarms going off, smoke alarms, and it can help with switching lights on at specific times (which will help your home look occupied when you’re away). Alexa Guard works well with Amazon’s home security system, the Ring Alarm Home Security Kit, which is customizable and sends notifications if movement is detected in your home.

Alexa is considered one of the best virtual assistants, with many smart home virtual assistants following Amazon Echo’s blueprint.

3. Apple HomeKit


Apple HomeKit is great for those looking to create a smart home. It helps sync all Apple devices together, allowing them to be controlled from one central application. Using Apple HomeKit, you can control lights, thermostats, security cameras, and other smart technological devices.

One of the best things about the Apple HomeKit ecosystem is that it can store security camera footage directly to your iCloud using HomeKit Secure Video. Apple’s ecosystem is also well encrypted, which decreases the chances of any security threats.

Siri can also be used as a voice-based assistant, and it can also be controlled remotely.

Google Home, Alexa and Apple HomeKit can be integrated with compatible home security systems. On their own, they’re not necessarily home security systems until they’re connected to an ecosystem – except for the Alexa Guard feature which is specially created to detect any unusual sounds in the home environment.

4. Smart alarm system from Yale



A smart alarm system allows you to be in control of your home’s security. Your alarm can be enabled and disabled remotely, meaning you don’t have to be in your home to set your alarm system on.

Yale has an incredible smart alarm system that can be configured from a tablet or smartphone through their Yale Smart Living Home App. The Yale smart alarm system can also be connected to home appliances that can also be controlled remotely, as well as CCTV cameras that monitor the inside and outside of the home.

5. Ring Alarm Home Security Kit



The Ring Alarm, developed by Amazon, is one of the best smart home security systems of 2020. Ring monitors the outside of your doorway using a doorbell camera that connects to Wi-Fi, so you’ll always be able to tell who knocked on your door, even when you aren’t home. It also alerts you when someone rings your doorbell, and some models allow you to leave a pre-recorded message.

For a smart home security system, Ring is fairly affordable. The subscription fee is also a fraction of what other smart home security systems cost monthly ($10, which is currently R153). Ring comes in small, medium and large kits, with the medium and large being equipped with more sensors.

6. ADT Smart Home Security


ADT is one of the most well-known security companies in South Africa and in other countries around the globe. ADT has a smart home security system that helps automate home security for more efficient protection against potential threats.

The technological devices involved in ADT’s security system include smoke detectors that alert you when there’s a fire, smart locks that can be locked and unlocked remotely, a garage controller that allows you to open and close your garage door remotely, smart plugs and smart switches that allow you to switch your appliances on and off regardless of where you are.

ADT uses Z-Wave wireless technology, a low-energy radio wave network that allows various home appliances and devices to communicate with each other. It also allows users to control their home security system from a central application, and in this case, the ADT mobile app allows full control from anywhere in the world.

7. SimpliSafe Wireless Home Security System


SimpliSafe is a wireless home security system that allows you to protect windows, doors, and rooms. It also assists with protecting against fires, water damage, thieves and can even be useful in the event of a medical emergency. A bonus is that law enforcement is always ready to be dispatched, with SimpliSafe being monitored 24/7 by professionals.

SimpliSafe makes sure that it only detects human movement, so your pets won’t be detected as intruders. It is also inexpensive compared to other home security systems of the same nature, and will still function should your power or Wi-Fi go off, or should the system be damaged by an intruder or natural disaster.

8. Frontpoint Home Security


Frointpoint Home Security is quick and easy to install. This home security system is well encrypted, with encryption that can be compared to that of a bank. Due to the fact that it’s wireless, it makes staying safe and secure easier as no intruders will be able to cut any wires to disable the system. Frontpoint is also smash-safe, with Cash and Smash technology ensuring that it still functions even if damaged intentionally.

Should the power go out, the back-up battery will kick in and keep the home security system running. Operators are also available 24/7 until help is dispatched. Furthermore, Frontpoint has 3 back-up servers to deal with any potential technical difficulties.

It’s not difficult to see why Frontpoint Home Security is considered one of the best smart home security systems of 2020.

There are many smart home security systems that can help your home be more secured. Consider using any one of the top eight smart home ecosystems to strengthen your home security.


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