Lasizwe to assist someone who needs eyeglasses

Lasizwe Dambuza has seen an opportunity to help people get spectacles as part of his 'passion project'.

Media personality Lasizwe Dambuza is set to help someone with eye problems to get glasses.

The reality TV star took to Instagram and revealed that he’s been passionate about getting glasses for people who need them, as the procedure is expensive.

“Last year I found a passion in helping people who really needed spectacles after finding out how much it costs. It’s shocked me on how expensive it is from the eye test to the lens to the frame. I’m doing my passion project again this year, where I am looking to help someone (could be you or a family member/friend) who needs spectacles ASAP. I will be covering all costs. Just head to the optometrist,” he wrote.

The YouTuber is set to cover all costs of the spectacles, however, the actor said there’s a process to follow in other to get selected.

“How to enter: Please share your story in the comments about your eyesight (what happened) and how it has affected your everyday life or tag someone who might be in need,” he said.


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Many took to the comments section and told their stories of why they should get the glasses while some tagged those who might benefit from this initiative. This is what some of them had to say:

“Getting these spectacles would mean the world to me. I’ve always had eye problems growing up but due to my parents not being financially stable I couldn’t get the proper specs for me. So, I spent the whole of primary and high school without any specs. Which caused my eyes to get even worse as I forced my eyes to do what they weren’t able to do. Three years after graduating I’m still struggling to get specs, but I am using reading glasses to at least not strain my eyes too much. So, I hope you pick me please🤍this would help me a lot as I am currently studying online,” wrote a social media user.

“I have a learner in my class (Grade 5) who really, really struggles with his eyesight. Both his parents are unemployed and so they’ve been up and down public hospitals for years now 💔. It really breaks my heart coz he’s being disadvantaged so badly and can’t even get help because of his family situation 💔. Please help umntanami tuh 👏,” added another user.

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