BBQ and biltong pitas with smokey dip

BBQ and biltong pitas are proof that a filling weak-day dinner doesn't have to be time-consuming or complicated.

When it comes to quick, delicious, and satisfying weekday meals, BBQ and biltong pitas are an excellent choice. The secret to the mouthwatering appeal of these pitas lies in the use of LANCEWOOD Smokey BBQ DIP&TOP. This creamy dip serves as the perfect base for building layers of taste. The inclusion of biltong pays homage to South Africa’s rich culinary heritage.


  • 24 cocktail pitas
  • Lancewood Smokey BBQ Dip&Top
  • 50g biltong, sliced
  • 20g rocket

To serve

  • 175g LANCEWOOD Smokey BBQ Dip&Top


  1. Slice the pitas halfway through to create a pocket.
  2. Add some dip, biltong, cheese and rocket to each pita.
  3. Serve with LANCEWOOD Smokey BBQ Dip&Top.

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