5 tips to get your car pet-travel ready

Take these easy steps to protect your car while keeping your pet safe and happy during your next trip.

Travelling with your pets can be great fun and make for special adventures, especially if you are well-prepared and have the necessary safety and comfort checks in place.

Start with these five basic, but essential steps:

Seat protection is key: Invest in easy-to-remove car seat covers or, if your fluffy companion doesn’t move around much in the car, simply lay their bed, their favourite blanket or towel on their seat. 

Buckle-up and stay safe: If your pooch is not particularly good at staying seated while you are on the road, you may want to look at a special harness or lead that comes with a seat-belt attachment, so that you can clip them in. Keeping your dog comfortably confined to their seat is not only safer for your pet, but also for you. 

Dog sitting on the passenger seat in a car. Source: Unsplash

Have a clean-up kit ready: Put together a clean-up kit for your car that includes paper towels, a carpet cleaner, wet wipes and plastic bags, just in case your pet gets car sick or has an accident during the trip…or to wipe off all that slobber on the window.  

Pack the snack bag: Depending on the length of your trip, you will want to pack a little bag with your dog’s favourite treats, some food, water, a bowl and poop packets for those road-trip breaks. 

Protect the interior: Consider topping up your insurance plan by adding a cover for light Interior damage or exterior scratches and minor dents caused by your pets. Most plans include items like car carpets, upholstery stitching and scratches and scuffs to car door handles. 

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