Watch: Bridesmaid calmly removes large snake from wedding ceremony

An unwanted slithering wedding guest didn’t get to hear the words ‘I do’.

A rather slithery unwelcome guest interrupted an Arizona wedding a few weeks ago.

While the bride and groom were exchanging vows, a giant snake made an appearance, much to the shock of onlookers.

Instead of stopping proceedings, the bride’s sister, Erica, who also happened to be the bridesmaid, calmly removed the serpent with her hands and walked to a patch of sand where she set it free.

The incident, which was captured by Sandra Leos, the bride’s older sister, was posted on TikTok. said the clip had already gone viral with 1.2 million views.

Viewers were impressed by the way Erica handled the situation. Dressed in a halterneck dress and cowboy boots, the video showed her descending a flight of stairs while holding the snake by its tail and away from her body.

An online user mentioned in the comments that the serpent in question was a harmless gopher snake. It didn’t stop others from commenting on Erica’s bravery.

Warning: Video contains offensive language.

@sandraleos22 #weddingtiktok #snake #arizona #fypシ゚viral ♬ original sound – Sandra Leos

Another user commented: “Why isn’t that girl scared of anything?”

In a follow-up post, Leos shared a video of Erica picking up the snake by its tail while wedding guests gave her wide berth and kept their distance.

@sandraleos22 Replying to @victoriakatsikis #weddingtiktok #fypシ゚viral #arizona #snakewhisperer ♬ original sound – Sandra Leos

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