Father of two killed in botched robbery in Roodepoort

The family of a murdered man described the killing as senseless as thieves made off with just two mobile phones.

A family is grieving after a father of two teenage boys was murdered at their home in a sectional title development in Wilgeheuwel, Roodepoort.

Calls allegedly came from the complex in Dolce Street about a possible shooting around 3:30, October 8, with security and medics rushing to the scene. There they found a man resting on the grass near the boundary wall suffering from a gunshot wound. It is alleged that two men broke into the home, shooting the man as he attempted to end their efforts to carry out a robbery.

DMS Security is the company contracted to the development and Ivan Shawe, Head of Operations for the Poortview-based private security entity, has been an active liaison between family and friends as they cope with the trauma of the incident. Shawe was on scene shortly after 3:30 with three reaction vehicles, and was with paramedics as they tended to the victim and he is assisting the family in coordinating relief efforts.

Ivan Shawe, Head of Operations at DMS Security. Photo: Jarryd Westerdale

Relaying information gathered in his many hours at the scene and with witnesses, Shawe alleged that two men gained access to the complex by bridging the inactive electric fencing with sticks and a toilet roll. After entering the complex, they approached the victim’s unit along the boundary wall which borders the field that stretches down the hill toward the bottom of Sjampanje Street.

Residents hold a vigil after a man was killed at the complex. Photo: Supplied

The two men allegedly attempted to gain access to the unit via a bedroom windrow and in doing so woke one of the victim’s sons. After speaking with the boy, Shawe stated that the teenager at first thought it may have been residents from the complex but upon finding out otherwise, slammed the door behind him as he ran out the room to alert his father. The two men are alleged to have broken through the bedroom window and when the father returned to the room, a scuffle occurred and he was shot.

The suspects then fled the scene by jumping out the broken window but the injured resident gave chase until the suspects jumped the wall and escaped into the field. The pursuit ended on the grass outside the unit, where security and paramedics would find the man nursing his gunshot wound. Shawe relayed that the victim was in pain but still very lucid and calm. Sadly, his condition would deteriorate, and he would pass on at the scene with paramedics doing their best to revive the father of two.

Shocked and heartbroken residents held a vigil for the man on Tuesday night where residents lit candles and shared thoughts and prayers for those he has left behind. An outpouring of support has come from social media as the family juggles the logistical challenges of caring for the now orphaned boys. Sadly, the boys lost their mother when they were very young and the victim’s sister has taken on the responsibility of caring for the 15 and 17-year-old. Anyone wishing to assist may call Shawe on 060 581 7265.

Shawe warned local residents to be vigilant after a similar incident occured at a complex at the bottom of Beretta Street on October 10. Fortunately, no injuries were reported but it is alleged two men made off with electronic devices following an armed robbery. A case has been opened with Honeydew police in relation to the Dolce Street incident and should anyone have any information, they are asked to contact the station as soon as possible.

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