Lover’s squabble ends in brutal assault in Sasolburg

A man who was badly beaten, allegedly by his girlfriend’s brothers, shares his story.

A disagreement between a couple took a horrific turn when 27-year-old Sibusiso Motsamai found himself in a life-threatening situation in Sasolburg in the Free State on Saturday.

According to Motsamai, he and his girlfriend, whose identity is being protected, had a heated argument at their home.

The disagreement escalated when his girlfriend attempted to burn him with scalding hot water. In an attempt to defend himself, Motsamai says he accidentally knocked over the bucket, causing the water to spill on her.

She then reportedly called her brother, who arrived at the scene in a minibus with a group of people.

They allegedly forcibly entered the couple’s residence and launched a brutal assault on Motsamai.

“She called her family and reported the incident, like I was trying to kill her. She told her mother how she wanted them [her brothers] to kill me when they arrived. When the men arrived at our place, they [forcibly entered] and started beating me without asking what had happened. She [the partner] and her mother, watched as the man beat me to a pulp. I pushed my way out and tried to flee, but I lacked energy and [a] man managed to stop me,” says Motsamai.

The men then told him to get into the taxi. “They told me that they [were] going to kill me and dump my body somewhere no one will find me. Just those words breathed life into my jaded soul, and that’s when I managed to escape the angry mob. Had I not hidden in my neighbour’s house, I would be dead by now,” he says, adding that he wants justice for what the mob did to him.

“When you love someone, you can’t watch him getting killed. What she did proved to me that the woman doesn’t love me. I am [leaving the matter to the police], justice should prevail,” he says.

While Sedibeng Ster tried to obtain comment from the Sasolburg police prior to publishing, Sergeant Josephine Rani says the station didn’t have a case number for the purpose of a media inquiry.

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