Muti murderer jailed for life in KZN

A tavern owner requested a human arm to make muti for her business to be more successful.

A man who was found in possession of a human arm after he was reported to police by his brother, was sentenced to life imprisonment by Mtunzini High Court last Wednesday.

Skhumbuzo Ngema (33), from the Mbhongampisi area outside Bucanana, was convicted of killing Joseph Mchunu in March, before hacking off his left arm.

It was Ngema’s brother who reported the crime to the police after he confessed the crime to him.

The court heard that a tavern owner, Thabisile Mthethwa, sent Ngema to get her a human arm as she wanted to make muti for her business to flourish.

Mchunu was leaving the tavern when Ngema ambushed him, forcing him to his home where he stabbed his victim, slit his throat and chopped off his arm.

Upon returning home, Ngema confided his crime to his younger brother, saying he was travelling to Johannesburg where he would be paid R1m for the body part.

He then left the homestead with his bag full of clothes and the deceased’s left arm.

Ngema’s brother called Bucanana SAPS who reacted quickly.

They found Mchunu lying dead in a pool of blood with his arm missing.

Upon arriving at Nkonka Tavern, police found Mchunu handing over the arm to Mthethwa.

Both were arrested. Mthethwa is currently out on bail.

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