Pretoria K9 search unit dog swept away by water while on duty

A search party is trying to locate Jett after he fell down a manhole while on a search-and-rescue for a Jack Russell.

Jett, a search-and-rescue dog from the Healthy Hound missing pet search and rescue unit, was still trapped in a manhole in Kilner Park earlier today as rescuers were at their wit’s end on how to get him out.

The dog fell down the manhole while tracking a missing Jack Russell terrier on Sunday.

Search-and-rescue teams from Pretoria, including the SAPS K9 Unit and volunteers, have been attempting to rescue him for the past two days.

Jett had tracked the Jack Russel to some reeds at the Hartbeesspruit nature area in Kilner Park when he fell into an open drain.

His handler, Diane Logie, followed Jett to try to save him, sustaining minor injuries in the process. She was unable to reach him in time before he was swept away.

Search teams worked well into the night on Sunday, before regrouping this morning to resume the search.

They were hoping that the donation of GoPro cameras and GPS tracking devices would yield better results today.

Despite incredibly fast-flowing water in the drainage pipes, the search team is still hopeful of finding Jett alive.

Christelle Brits, who led the rescue effort, said they hoped he had caught himself on a grid or at one of the bends in the pipe where he could remain long enough for them to rescue him.

They call on local plumbing services to assist in the rescue, as well as any person who has the relevant skills to help.

Volunteers can contact Karlene on 083 360 5839.

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