‘Rat skull’ found in Woolies mushrooms

In the latest Woolworths blunder, a customer has discovered what appeared to be the skull of a rat in a packet of sliced mushrooms.

Woolies customer Alison Matthews said she was “absolutely disgusted to say the least”.

Matthews had purchased the mushrooms from a Woolworth store in Amanzimtoti, and made the discovery when she arrived home to cook dinner.

“It’s a good thing I didn’t just empty the mushrooms straight into my meal… can’t even imagine how disgusting that would have been especially considering that I cook for my children,” said Matthews.

“This is just beyond shocking given the exclusivity that Woolworths pride themselves on. So much for spending a bit more and getting quality,” she added.

In response to Matthews’ complaint, Woolworths said: “We’re shocked to see this Alison, sincere apologies for the experience. Our customer team are looking into this matter urgently and will be in touch with you very soon.”

On Tuesday, The Citizen reported that a customer had found another frog inside a sealed Woolworths salad.

According to the customer, the frog was still alive.

Woolworths later contacted the customer, saying: “So sorry to see this Gabrielle. Please advise if we may contact you via email to follow up? Thank you.”

Following numerous queries about the second frog being found this week, Woolworths said: “We’re aware of this incident. We have been in touch with the customer and are in the process of investigating.”

A number of bugs and objects have since been found in Woolworths’ food products.

On Wednesday, Andrea Jane Holmes posted on the Woolworths SA Facebook page that she had found a worm in a strawberry.

“At least it wasn’t a frog,” Holmes said with a sad smiley face.

Heather Clark‎ posted on the retailer’s Facebook page: Found a piece of plastic in my port schnitzel last night. What is going on with WOOLWORTHS SA?”

The retailer said it would look into the matters.


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