Watch: Hippo delights Cape Town’s Grassy Park residents

It’s one thing to see a hippo in a nature reserve, but encountering one on a suburban street in an international city gives a whole new meaning to game viewing!

While hippos are a fairly common sight in Richards Bay, St Lucia and surrounds, spotting one in Cape Town is unusual.

A hippo that broke out of Rondevlei Nature Reserve brought much delight to residents in Grassy Park in Cape Town yesterday morning.

Perhaps the herbivore just liked the name Grassy Park!

The hippo took to wandering around Italian Road after breaking through the nature reserve’s fence.

According to numerous posts on social media, the Cape of Good Hope SPCA’s Wildlife Department and other role players went out to investigate and herded the hippo back into the reserve in Perth Road. The fence was temporarily secured until repairs can be undertaken.

Residents who spotted the hippo were surprised to say the least:

Hippos explore Richards Bay and surrounds

In October, Caxton Local Media reported that hippos often come to say howdy to Richards Bay residents and, each time they do, videos and photos do the rounds.

Their favourite stomping ground is from Steel Bridge to the Arboretum traffic lights.

Hippos are also common night visitors to St Lucia, an hour’s drive north of Richards Bay.

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