Watch: Salads don’t win scrums – Ox Nche

Retshegofaditswe 'Ox' Nche delivered a comic moment in a press conference yesterday when he explained his love for calories.

Retshegofaditswe ‘Ox’ Nche will be fueled by the power of cake when he makes his return for the Springboks in the World Cup warm-up against Wales on Saturday.

Back in South Africa’s matchday-23 after recovering from a pectoral injury suffered in a gym session, Nche was at his jovial best during a press conference yesterday afternoon.

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The loosehead prop has gathered a large following on social media as the leader of the ‘Ox Kraal’ and a famed hater of salads.

Ready to make his first Test appearance of the year, Nche explained why he decided to share the lighter side of his character on his social platforms, which often belie the stern-looking destroyer of scrums seen on Saturdays.

“People get shocked when they get to see me and realise, I actually have a pretty unique sense of humour,” Nche said.

“They often say I look too serious and, at times, people are afraid to approach me, so I thought, it’s not a bad thing in being a rugby player, that people also get to know a different side of me off the field.”


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Nche’s famed love of cake has proved a hit on social media and, joined by winger Cheslin Kolbe in the press conference, he affirmed one of his core beliefs.

“Salads do not win scrums. I truly believe that. That’s why Cheslin is on the wing and I’m in the front row,” added Nche, with a chuckle.

“I don’t count calories, I count slices of cake. I enjoy a chocolate caramel. It’s too late now, but I did have a slice during the week, so I should be good to go.”

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