Workers at fire station north of Pretoria robbed at gunpoint

The perpetrators escaped the scene with six cell phones and a network router.

Multiple cell phones were stolen during an armed robbery at the Ga-Rankuwa Fire Station on Friday morning.

According to the Tshwane MMC for Community Safety Grandi Theunissen, the armed criminals forced their way onto the premises by damaging a palisade fence.

“During the break-in, the perpetrators stole six cell phones and a router,” Theunissen said.

“The stolen items are not only personal material, but they are tools that help our firefighters to coordinate and respond efficiently to emergencies.”

Theunissen condemned the attack on workers at the fire station in the strongest possible terms. “This act of aggression against our first responders is deeply disheartening, and I unequivocally denounce these actions,” he said.

He added that this reprehensible act therefore not only threatens the security of firefighters but also compromises the essential emergency response services that they provide to our community.

“I call upon the community of Ga-Rankuwa and the surrounding areas to stand together in support of our local fire station and its brave firefighters.”

He urged anyone with information about this incident to come forward and assist law enforcement in bringing the culprits to justice.

“We are still awaiting a full report on the matter from the security on site, and the necessary support is being arranged for those who were involved in the incident,” Theunissen said.

He said he engaged with the Chief of Emergency Services and the Office of the City Manager to re-evaluate the security measures that are currently in place at Ga-Rankuwa Fire Station to improve them, where possible.

He called on the police to investigate the matter without delay to bring the culprits to justice, and to ensure that all firefighters can continue to serve their community without fear.

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