Celebrating 112 years of Alfa Romeo

The Arese Museum is displaying the lives and passion of the Alfisti fandom.

To mark its 112th anniversary on June 24, Alfa Romeo paid tribute to its clubs by dedicating part of the Arese Museum to them. On two walls, the permanent display depicted the lives and passion of the Alfisti fandom, in a series of videos made by the clubs. Images coming in from every continent, from China, Latin America, New Zealand to South Africa, spoke of the constant commitment to enhance both the brand and Made in Italy products, all round the world.

Sunday June 26 marked another major anniversary, the Giulia’s 60th. As part of the family, on the track and in uniform, the Giulia is an Alfa Romeo symbol and an icon of an era. Dozens of sedans from the 1960s and 1970s will step out on the museum’s internal track, to take part in a flash mob.

Finally, two specimens of 1950s Alfa Romeo vans were on show throughout the weekend: a 455 and a Mille from the Marazzato Collection of classic vehicles in Stroppiana (Vercelli province). Consisting of over 200 automobiles, most of the collection is made up of vintage trucks and buses.

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