Watch: Ford Ranger Raptor’s two-wheel stunt breaks Guinness World Record

The record, determined by measuring a gap’s width relative to the height of the truck, was surpassed by a mere centimetre.

Renowned stunt driver Paul Swift recently shattered the Guinness World Record for navigating a Ford Ranger Raptor through an incredibly tight gap of just 88cm in width… on two wheels!

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This marked the narrowest space ever manoeuvred by a bakkie on two wheels, a feat made even more challenging by battling high winds that threatened the vehicle’s balance.

The record was determined by measuring the gap’s width relative to the height of the truck, surpassing the previous record by a mere centimetre. To achieve this, Swift and his team had to reinforce the ramp launching the Raptor into the air due to its size and weight. Despite the difficulty in stabilising the Raptor on two wheels because of its suspension’s height, the vehicle’s sturdy build ensured a safe landing.

The Ford Ranger Raptor packs some serious off-road features, employing lightweight aluminium upper and lower control arms, along with a Watt’s link coil-spring rear suspension system. Enhanced by FOX 2.5-inch Live Valve Internal Bypass shock absorbers, this setup offers a robust 11.4 inches of front wheel travel and 9.8 inches in the rear, ideal for tackling rough terrain.

Image: Guinness World Records.

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Under the bonnet, a twin-turbocharged 3l V6 petrol engine generates 292kW at 5 650r/min and 583N.m at 3 500r/min, empowering the Raptor to tow up to 2 500kg. Paired with a 10-speed automatic transmission, this powertrain ensures impressive performance and towing capabilities. Swift himself attests to the Raptor’s durability, describing it as ‘indestructible’ after using it extensively for various stunts and filming projects.

This isn’t his first rodeo with Guinness World Records either, boasting an extensive list that includes tight parallel parking in an EV, executing multiple automotive stunts in under a minute, and even performing doughnuts while driving around a motorcycle in a wheelie.

The Raptor’s resilience and robustness, coupled with Swift’s incredible stunt achievements, resonate strongly with off-road enthusiasts. The combination of its advanced suspension, powerful engine, and unwavering toughness positions the Ford Ranger Raptor as a true champion in the realm of extreme vehicle manoeuvres and off-road adventures.

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