Prepare your car for your holiday adventure

With just a month left before the official holiday season kicks off, the Automobile Association urges you to ensure your vehicle is prepared for holiday travel.

The holiday season is approaching, and you have about a month to get your car ready. The Automobile Association (AA) emphasises the importance of preparing your vehicle for holiday travel to prevent unexpected breakdowns and the associated inconvenience.

You can do this by prioritising your car’s maintenance before you depart for your annual holiday.

The AA advises comparing service costs from various providers for affordability, without compromising reliability. Service your car with Retail Motor Industry (RMI) registered workshops, AA auto centres or any of the 200 plus AA quality assured centres nationwide.

Watch for signs like dashboard warning lights, braking issues, unusual noises, vibrations and changes in fuel consumption. Ensure a hassle-free holiday drive with a well-maintained vehicle.

Choosing to drive long distances without proper vehicle maintenance can be a costly decision. While cost considerations are valid, the AA suggests comparing service prices among different providers for an affordable yet reliable service. However, they emphasise that a vehicle should be inspected and serviced, especially before embarking on a long trip.

Various factors contribute to the cost of servicing a car, including its make and model, the type of service needed, the frequency of servicing and the price of parts and labour.

Vehicle inside a mechanical workshop.

Pay attention to the following signs that indicate your car needs servicing:

  • Manufacturer-prescribed service intervals: Ensure you adhere to recommended service intervals and maintain a full service history.
  • Dashboard warning lights: Ignoring these lights can lead to trouble, so promptly book a service when these indicators appear.
  • Braking problems: Modern brakes are responsive, so any issues like knocking, oversensitivity or resistance require attention.
  • Squeals and squeaks: High-pitched sounds during ignition or movement may indicate issues with power steering fluid or unbalanced tires.
  • Engine cutting out: Stalling when pulling away from traffic lights may signal clogged fuel filters or faulty spark plugs.
  • Vibrations: Shuddering or vibrating on smooth roads may point to loose parts or serious issues like unbalanced tires or loose bearings.
  • Ignition issues: Coughing sounds during ignition could suggest a failing battery.
  • Heavy fuel consumption: Significant decreases in fuel efficiency may indicate the need for servicing.
  • Grinding gears: The sound of grinding gears is a clear sign that your car requires attention.

Ensuring your car undergoes preventive maintenance and repair provides peace of mind during holiday driving. Knowing that your vehicle has been thoroughly checked and prepared for potential mechanical issues is invaluable.

Source: AA


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