Lunaz re-imagines DB6 as all-electric, eco-conscious Grand Tourer

Lunaz's Aston Martin DB6 blends modern technology into the iconic British classic car.

Much like the DB5, the Aston Martin DB6 is an icon of the British Gran Tourer platform. This specific example from Lunaz Design has seen its internal combustion engine (ICE) beating heart removed in favour of an all-electric powertrain.

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“Each classic by Lunaz represents an uncompromised expression of the original. Electrification answers the questions of usability, reliability and sustainability and empowers owners to enjoy their cars daily. We restore, enhance and create with knowledge that these cars have cultural value far beyond their function. The passion we have for these cars can be felt in every stitch, weld and line of code,” says David Lorenz, founder of Lunaz Design.

The electrified Aston Martin DB6 is the work of Lunaz Design, which is a British automotive design and modification company that specialises in restomoded classic cars powered by electric vehicle technology. The intent behind omitting the ICE powerplants that have propelled these aged automobiles for years comes as a way of Lunaz blending the technology of the modern day in the captivating physiques of cars of yore.

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Image: Lunaz.

An undisturbed Aston Martin DB6 relied on a 4l DOHC straight-six engine to afford the car’s rear wheels 210kW @ 5 500r/min and 380N.m @ 4 500r/min. Mated to that sizable powerplant was a ZF five-speed manual transmission (or a Borg-Warner three-speed automatic, depending on the configuration). Lunaz Design hasn’t revealed specifics about the newly introduced electric powertrain. Reports suggest that it relies on a 279kW modular electric powertrain. Noteworthy characteristics of this system include fast-charging capability, 80 – 120kWh battery, and a driving range of up to 410km.

Echoing the eco-conscious underpinnings, Lunaz utilises sustainable materials for the interior from the plastics, leather and fabrics that adorn the cabin. Interestingly, the dashboard, three-quarter glass handle and gear shifter are comprised of a biodegradable composite composed mainly of egg and nut shells. The door cards are made from a polyurethane fabric comprised of plant-based materials and are multi-layered to increase the strength of the component. The commitment to an eco-conscious cabin doesn’t end there. Lunaz has sourced the lowest carbon leather for the seats, transmission tunnel and parcel shelf.

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Image: Lunaz.

Lunaz isn’t new to electrifying classic cars as they have a catalogue of electrified restaurants from almost every affluent automaker to have ever set foot in the United Kingdom, from Bentleys to Jaguars.

“Re-engineering and electrification delivers the ultimate Aston Martin driving experience. We are proud of our work creating a dynamic, engaging and truly usable expression of one of the great icons of British automotive heritage,” says Jon Hilton, managing director and technical lead.

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