Toyota’s all-electric sports car to feature simulated 14-speed gearbox

The Toyota FT-Se will be able to reach 100km/h in under three seconds, a time significantly faster than the GR Supra.

Debuting as Toyota’s aspirational all-electric sports car of the future, the Toyota FT-Se promises to redefine the firm’s sports car profile.

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The FT-Se concept is a two-seater sports car characterised by its bold exterior design and carbon-neutral powertrain, which has made the firm rethink its approach to car-making to suit its all-electric offerings.

A real-world, road-going model is expected to break cover sometime after 2026.

Toyota intends to reduce the total weight of the car while ensuring optimal structural rigidity by relying on a medley of lightweight materials and conventional materials, such as carbon-reinforced plastic, aluminium and steel for the construction of the FT-Se’s body.

Beneath its sultry shell will live two electric motors, each mounted to an axle signalling that the FT-Se will be all-wheel-drive, said the FT-Se’s chief engineer, Fumihiko Hazama, during an interview with Top Gear magazine.

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Image: Toyota.

Serving as a yardstick for the performance potential of the real-world FT-Se, Hazama believes that the FT-Se will be capable of a sprint from 0km/h to 100km/h in under three seconds, a time significantly faster than one of Toyota’s staple performance car offerings, the GR Supra.

Additionally, Toyota has confirmed that the FT-Se will rely on the same ‘high-performance’ batteries used to power the equally ambitious Lexus LF-ZC concept. Interestingly, the FT-Se is likely to feature the firm’s simulated gearshift technology, which may result in a ‘transmission’ with up to 14 gears. Furthermore, the electric sports car bred for performance will likely feature some sort of engine sound simulation system.

Image: Toyota.

“We are making battery EVs like only a true carmaker can. This means revisiting the fundamental principles of car making, and delivering basic performance, like driving range, as well as [the] value that only battery EVs can offer,” says Toyota’s president and CEO, Koji Sato.

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