The Audi R8 V10 will sing one last time in Japan

Only eight Audi R8 V10s will be produced, with a price tag of around R4.5m each.

Audi’s sonorous V10 will live for a consolation period in the Land of the Rising Sun, as the R8 gets one final edition in Japan.

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The assumption that the R8 GT RWD marked the end for Audi’s supercar has been proven wrong with the surprising unveiling of a new Final Edition in Japan. Limited to only eight units, this Final Edition is based on the coupe and emerges as a hotter performance variant featuring Quattro all-wheel drive.

Painted in a matte Ibis White, the mid-engine powerhouse boasts 20-inch wheels with matte bronze spokes polished to mimic gold, paired with red calipers for the ceramic brakes. The naturally aspirated V10 beauty showcases carbon fibre mirror caps, front spoiler lip, and side blades. The lightweight treatment extends to the rear wing, diffuser, and side skirts.

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Inside, Audi Japan has given the driver-focused cabin a two-tone theme with black and alabaster white. The Nappa leather-wrapped seats, Alcantara-covered headliner, and the area behind the seats create an exquisite interior. The exclusivity of the model is further highlighted by the door sill trim, and each buyer receives a commemorative plate with the VIN number.

Image: Audi.

Sold as the Audi R8 Coupe Japan Final Edition, this supercar’s epilogue in Japan comes with a price tag of ¥35 080 000 which equates to around R4.5m.

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While the first-generation model offered a V8 engine and a manual gearbox, its successor arrived exclusively with a V10 and an automatic transmission. An entry-level variant was contemplated during the R8’s eight-year run, featuring a turbocharged inline-five from the RS3, a manual transmission, and rear-wheel drive. Despite having less horsepower than the NA V10, it offered more torque and was considered ‘cleaner and almost as quick’.

The R8 is facing imminent retirement, following the footsteps of Audi’s TT sports car, which saw its last model assembled in November. Although Audi has hinted at the possibility of these iconic nameplates returning as electric models, their return might not be imminent.

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