Government mandates tamper-proof number plates nationwide

The new number plates will roll out in Gauteng soon, but will eventually be implemented across South Africa.

In a significant move to clamp down on vehicle-related crime in South Africa, Gauteng Premier Panyaza Lesufi recently revealed plans for the introduction of new, more secure vehicle number plates across the nation.

This announcement came during the State of the Province Address, highlighting a unified approach spearheaded by the National Department of Transport. The initiative aims to address the rampant issue of car thefts and hijackings facilitated by the use of fake or duplicated number plates.

The core problem, as outlined by Lesufi, is the current system’s limitations, primarily its nearing exhaustion of available alphanumeric combinations. This limitation not only poses a logistical issue but also weakens the fight against crime. The new number plates are seen as a critical step in bolstering security measures, making it harder for criminals to misuse them.

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The draft legislation developed by the National Department of Transport is a testament to the seriousness of this initiative. It seeks to standardise the new number plate system across all nine provinces, ensuring a cohesive and unified strategy against vehicle-related crimes. The envisioned number plates will be part of a national, cloud-supported database and will incorporate a unique QR code for each vehicle, enhancing the ease of identification and tracking.

Once this system is implemented, all vehicle owners in Gauteng, and eventually across South Africa, will be required to re-register their vehicles to acquire these new plates. This process will be voluntary initially but will become mandatory when applying for a new vehicle licence disc. Gauteng’s readiness to adopt this system as soon as it receives the green light from the transport minister underscores the urgency and importance of this measure.

This overhaul reflects a proactive approach to leveraging technology and legislative reform to enhance public safety and security. By making it more challenging for criminals to exploit the number plate system, the government aims to significantly reduce vehicle-related crimes, providing a safer environment for its citizens.

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