Rent your electric truck: Volvo Trucks introduces revolutionary EaaS model

Volvo Trucks South Africa pioneers electric truck rentals with an innovative Equipment-as-a-Service (EaaS) model, making it easier for businesses to adopt cleaner transport solutions.

Volvo Trucks South Africa has unveiled a groundbreaking approach to electric truck rentals with its new Equipment-as-a-Service (EaaS) model, marking a significant leap forward in the adoption of eco-friendly transport solutions in the country.

Eric Parry, senior manager of sustainable solutions at Volvo Trucks South Africa, highlighted the motivation behind this innovative rental model. “We understand that the substantial upfront costs associated with electric vehicles can pose challenges for businesses, particularly those operating on shorter-term contracts. We aim to lower the entry barriers for customers committed to transitioning to sustainable transport solutions. That’s why we’re offering these electric trucks as rental units.”

Eric Parry and Paul Uys.

The current Volvo electric truck range in South Africa includes FH, FM, and FMX models, available in configurations such as 4X2, 6X2, and 6X4 tractors, with FM 4X2 and 6X2 rigids set to join the line-up soon.

According to Paul Uys, managing director of Volvo Financial Services Southern Africa, there is a clear demand for rental trucks in South Africa, evidenced by the success of companies offering diesel vehicle rentals. Volvo Trucks aims to meet this demand by becoming the first in the country to offer electric trucks as part of an Equipment-as-a-Service rental solution.

Some benefits of vehicle rental are that it reduces the need for capital outlay and offers greater flexibility compared to outright purchase or long-term leasing arrangements. The rental option allows businesses to utilise the vehicle for shorter periods without being tied down by lengthy lease obligations.

Volvo Trucks’ EaaS rentals will be available nationwide, supported by a partnership with an established service provider to ensure convenient access to charging infrastructure across South Africa. Detailed simulations are conducted to determine optimal charger locations and sizes for each route, with trucks compatible with up to 250kW DC Fast chargers.

The rental package includes maintenance and insurance costs, with each truck covered by a comprehensive Volvo Trucks gold maintenance contract for the duration of the rental period. Specialised training is also provided to drivers to maximise the performance of electric trucks, although the operational controls and driving style remain similar to diesel models.

While a rent-to-own option is not currently available, customers can finance electric trucks with eventual ownership transferring to them.

Volvo’s electric trucks are designed for fleets with a strong environmental focus or pressure from their client base, offering a sustainable transport solution for regional operations.

Parry emphasised the versatility of the rental option, allowing businesses of all sizes to evaluate the electric truck’s performance in their operations without the initial capital investment.

Source: Tanje Wandrag


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