Why a diesel GWM Tank 300 will make sense for SA

The three-strong Tank 300 line-up is only available in petrol-powered engines, but 'Leisure Wheels' wonders why.

After proving itself a commendable on- and off-road SUV during SUV Shootout 2024, the GWM Tank 300 left Leisure Wheels pondering the question: “Why isn’t there a diesel derivative?”

The current three-strong Tank 300 line-up is available with only petrol-powered engines; a 2.0-litre turbo-charged four-pot and a petrol-electric arrangement comprising the latter and an electric motor.

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The Tank 300 that joined us on SUV Shootout was equipped with the hybrid configuration. Saying it’s a punchy unit would be an understatement. It was, by a significant margin, the most powerful 4×4 on our journey. The flagship model, which is available only with this power plant, is endowed with 255kW and 648Nm of torque, the latter of which is on tap as soon as the revs edge the 1 700r/min marker.

As a reminder, the non-HEV model churns out 162kW and 380Nm. However, sometimes, the caveat of employing a petrol motor with this much power is, well, an increased fuel economy.

On the road trip, which comprised highway, gravel and off-road driving, there were several times the GWM’s digital instruments indicated an average fuel consumption figure of around 15L/100 km. For peace of mind, we filled up a jerry can with unleaded (just in case). Fortunately, it was never needed.

GWM Tank 300
Image: GWM.

Why diesel will make sense in SA

Recently, CarNewsChina reported a diesel variant is in the works. According to the publication, this model will employ the Chinese automaker’s GW4D24 oil-burner, which, although not churning out as much power or torque as its HEV stablemate, will be less thirsty. The unit produces 135kW and 480Nm.

Whether the diesel Tank 300 will make its way to South African shores remains to be seen. However, there are many reasons why it will be a great addition to the firm’s local portfolio. South Africans adore diesel 4x4s, especially considering the availability of the total amount of torque from lower down in the rev range. And, most notably, the diesel unit will, as mentioned, be more economical at the fuel pumps.

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