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Maritza van Zyl
2 minute read
4 Jan 2017
2:07 pm

Boy, 6, fights for his life after collapsing on a slippery slide

Maritza van Zyl

CJ suffers from a condition that when he gets too excited, his heart palpitates uncontrollably.

A six-year-old boy, Christo (CJ) Kotze, is fighting for his life in hospital after he collapsed while playing on a slippery slide.

CJ suffers from a condition, which entails that when he gets too excited, his heart palpitates uncontrollably, Randfontein Herald reported.

What started out as a beautiful New Year’s Day among family suddenly ended in tragedy for the Kotze family from Randgate, Randfontein.

While playing with the other children at the family gathering in Kempton Park, little CJ suddenly collapsed. When he stopped breathing his dad tried to resuscitate him. They could also not find a pulse.

His parents then rushed him to the Arwyp Medical Centre Private Hospital in Kempton Park where he was apparently declared dead on arrival. Doctors worked hard to resuscitate him, applying electric shocks to his heart (defibrillation). Eventually a faint heartbeat was detected.

Little CJ is now in urgent need of heart surgery. Unfortunately the family’s medical aid doesn’t cover ICU or emergency care and they simply do not have the funds to cover it.

The Herald spoke to his parents, Charlene, 26, and Jan Kotze, 29, on Wednesday morning, where they were constantly at their son’s side in the ICU.

The latest news is that doctors will be removing his oxygen supply tubes to determine to what extent his movement and overall functioning have been affected.

The family’s options regarding government hospitals are limited as there are no beds available and no paediatric surgeons on call.

The Child Medi Organisation is trying to raise funds for the emergency surgery CJ so desperately needs. The family is also calling on the community for donations to help save CJ.

Donations can be deposited directly into Child Medi’s bank account. The account number can be found on their Facebook page: Child Medi Organisation or on their website at

– Caxton News Service

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